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A lot of times abused kids are forced to recount their statements bc of the family. My son took back his confession that his dad choked him bc the dad manipulated him saying it would ruin the family. Not only that but I was a child abuse advocate (working w congress to amend child abuse laws) & this genuinely seems like the kid took back what he said bc of the drama it caused. I would believe the victim even even if he took back the statement cuz I’ve seen it thousands of times play out this way..

So I’ve actually met the guy that started the Fenbendazole protocol for cancer. He’s not crazy. He had his vax and booster because he’d survived stage 4 cancer and wasn’t about to die to a preventable virus. I mean the science on that one isnt 100%, but there’s some evidence for it’s effectiveness with some particular cancers.

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I think anecdotal evidence has a place in medicine and science. The first example I can think of is Mono Amine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs) for depression. They were being tested to cure tuberculosis and nurses noted how cheerful many of the patients had become. The difference is that was then used as a springboard to do double blind, replicable studies that could be published.